summer !

hi guys!

in monday i'm going to Bulgaria! My first time in airplane i'm little bit afraid but i hope it is gonna be OK! In my life everythings fine. But let go back to my trip. Im going with one of my friends, Julia. I like her but she speak only about food c'mon people! She's kinda annoying sometimes, u know. im afarid that she will ruin my whole holidays, and than talk in school how iw as horrible while im gonna have just good fun. HOPE SOME PRETTY BOYS WILL BE THERE! I am going to dance for all 10 days! I won't sleep a lot i guess:). Hope two girls we are gonna have room with will be cool. oh c'mon THEY ARE GONNA BE FUCKIN FANTASTIC. u know i have sth when i write on this blog that i realy bealive in this what i write so;

i think i look weird on this photo but it was took in last day of school [ i met with my class friends like for "last time in this schol year"] and other photos aren' better than this one so... ;D

that's all of my news for today im gonna take my camera with me anywhere just to show you pretty photos from my life !