miss everything.

Hello ;*
just wanted to say sorry, that I don't post any new photos or anything. Just now I don't have inspiration to go on with this blog on and on.
Plus I'm not happy about photos in it, there just not as pretty as I'd like . AND SOMETIMES I'M SHOCKED ABOUT MY ENGLISH! So many mistakes, wooah just don't know how to fix them.
But anyway, I'll post as fast as I'll have something interesting to show ya.

Kisses ;***

Shakira - Give it Up to Me

Sugababes- Miss Everything

Madonna - Revolver

Keri Hilson - I Like

Whatcha say?

Hello :)
Today I'll post you some of my fav. bags and perfumes that are one of the best I ever had so I wanted to show you them and maybe you'll try it too :DThese are from Mac. I don't know actually how they are called but Pinkaura I guess ;D I love the smell and it stays for soooo long! I bought them in Warsaw. They had I think 5 kinds of smell but I'm not sure. The only one defect is that they're only 20 ML and for that small bottle they were pretty expensive.
I bought this bag in Warsaw too. THEY ARE SO POPULAR THERE! I THINK I SAW LIKE 1000 GIRLS WITH IT! I take it usually when I have lots of heavy stuff or on beach this things. It doesn't have any zip or anything so if I'd take it to school my all books would be wet! :> It was very cheap 'cause only 15zł I don't know if it's their regular price, but I guess it is.
Found this bag on sale in Stradivarious. It's clutch but you've got a chain for it so you can wear it for 2 ways. And my ABSOLUTLEY FAVOURITE bag from Zara. By the way, Zara has got always beautiful bags, specially small ones! I bought in on holiday. I bought it I guess after month or few weeks I first saw it 'cause I didn't have money at moment when I first saw it. But when I came back home it was on my mind for so long that when I got money I bought it and were so happy :>

Sorry that I don't post you any outfits photos but when I try to take them they don't look like I'd like too, so I won't post it here untill I'll find way to make them look good ;D