Fav. things for now.

~matte skin~floral dresses~jewellery~blonde hair~skinny
jeans~healthy food~nude color~perfect eyebrows~cute
underwear~perfect nails~aviators~mint color~cold

See you soon!

I'm leaving for 2 weeks for my holidays my blog tomorrow is having birthday! :)
Thanks for all visits on my blog and I'll write to you as soon as possible



It's 5 AM tomorrow night I'll be back again.

I can't wait for summer holiday! I'm going to school only on Friday and that's it for next two months. And my blog has birthday! On 30 June It's getting better will have first birthday! :)
I'm going to Warsaw with my friend on Saturday and on 30.06 I'm going to Bulgaria again. I can't wait to go to Warsaw! And I'll have packing problem again just like last year! I haaate packing!I never was a huge fan of LV bags but I love their cases! I'd love to have one just like this on top!

I'll post you something more interesting in next few days.

Thanks for comments and for following my blog!