take my hand we'll run away

band for this week/month rest of summer? The Cab. Aboslutley love them.

memories from Bulgaria [part 2]

Hi there.
It's Thursday and I've been drunk already two times. And after one big party in Bulgaria I have enought vodka for now.

It was one of worst ligthers that I even had. I needed two hand to make it work! I know that this cigarettes looks like they are russian, but no they are bulgarian.
I don't know who made this photo, but it was before we go to club. I'm wearing grey t-shirt. It was amazing night [because of one guy:) but after all his friend told me that he has girlfriend but I didn't care 'cause he live in different city ]Susy's AWSOME gold bracelets. I am in love with them.Yea, I know I'm not very tanned... It's with girls from room next to us. I can't remember blonde name, but dark hair girl is Anna and she was absolutley amazing girl! [I'm in middle]
Number of our room, I guess I don't have to say a lot . [I miss it a lot <3] onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_vH-caWo-_hk/Smgod5BtwyI/AAAAAAAAAOQ/1XYfyeEtiZc/s1600-h/6.JPG">our last breakfast [ it's mine and Susy's.] We both had throath ache and we drank tea to feel better.
It's our view from balcon. Pool was opened only between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and that sucks!
Me and Susy, it was our last day and I guess we were very hungry[ never beleve all inclusive, guys!].

That's the best club I ever was in! Not because of music and that stuff but about people who were in there[ that was the club that I talked few photos up]
Our bus came on 5 p.m. and we had to give keys for rooms on 10.a.m. and I was very tied. But I didn't slept c'mon it's inpossible in reception, rigt? ;)

I got some photos from bus & plane that I will give you on next post.

memories from Bulgaria [part 1]


I'm back again :). Yesterday I came back to Poland and that's was so sad, I hate saying goodbye! I have lots lots lots of photos so:
that's was our first room, because we need to go to other because two girls came later so we stayed there just for first night[ no sleep for first 3 days ]

we had amazing shows in our hotel! i totally loved it! there were so much funny games and this stuff AMAZING.

that was our second night, as u can see that's a little bulgarian set:)

blond one is Magda and brunette it Claudia. They were sucha cool girls! They helped me a lot when Julka didn't even wanted talk to me 'cause she found someone cooler.

that supposed to be playboy sesion but it was so funny and i couldn't stop laught! I am wearing very little black dress, when I was walking in hotel or city all guys looked at me and I felt really confidence[ c'mon i won't dress like this in Bialystok or Poland but c'mon it's Bulgaria! Holidays!]

again; amazing drink called white russian. And away u can see our fav barman[bargirl?:P] whi gaved us free shots they were really strong shots;d

haha funny don't you think? that's was Magdas' and Claudia had blue with "FUCK OFF"

McDonald on beach [ I was really hungry]

breezers! i love Bulgaria 'cause when u buy cigarttes/alcohol they never ever ask you for your age NEVER.
that's my close friend[ i met her in bulgaria, i mean i was with her in group] she's Zuza [ Susy] and she's 17. she's very cool when i talked with her i felt like i knew her all my life.

that's end on first part i have 500 photos so i don't want to put like 50 photos in one note:)

so i'll write to you very very soon!

bye bye:*


hi there i am so not into packing!
i still have no euros i need to change them in warsaw tomorrow 'cause everything is closed in sundays! i didn't finish packing and i have no place to put my jewlery in! im so so so stressed at nothing is ready! good that i have fly at 10 p.m. so i can buy rest of things tomorrow morning. i don't even know do i have roaming to send messages from bulgaria! aaa! i am so NOT READY TO GO! sorry that i didn't post photos from my bike trip but i have no time to put them on my computer from phone[ forgot camera]. i hate myself that i put everything on last minute! i've did list of things that i should take like 2 weeks ago, but i started packing yesterday at 9 p.m. so aplauz for me. again: I AM SO STRESSED! hope that this everything wouldn't go on nothing, hope for great holidays! aaa! I AM SO STRESSED! I HAVE TO FINISH MY PACKING! INPOSSIBLE!
that's what i did like 2 days ago when i should pack my bag... i am so lazy that i took photos no doing last washing... i am so mad at myselfi put my clothes into plastic bags 'cause i am afraid that my shampoo or anything will explode and i will have nothing to wear[ i put this jeans few minutes ago and i m to lazy to put them into bag [ i am gonna do it when i'll finish post]]

my new necklace from h&m. my sister don't like it but i actually do and i can't make up my mind about it! what u think? [ you can also see it on the top of page]

i have one question; WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT GOLD & SILVER TOGETHER? i'm not fan of it. i think that it look weird and i'll never wear like silver earings to gold necklace.


aaa:( [ sory about any mistakes but i have no energy to check what i wrote]

EDIT[ 7.P.M.]
[you can't see alot but i am so so so happy that i finished packing! yey! i can go to sleep i'm sooo tied ]

rihanna - good girl gone bad

obssesd with this song, can't stop listening it! i'm little bit sad 'cause in every holidays i go to warsaw to shopping but this year i won't go 'cause i go to warsaw with my mom, dad and friend [Julia] to airport so i won't go shopping :( :( :( . weather is lovely in this week but we have storm almost every day.in saturday i should pack my bag and see how much it weight [ 20 kg is max ].
that's my very annoying dog Sara. She looked really sweet this morning[ actually in noon ;)]

i bought this eraings today in bershka [there was a sale and i just couldn't not buy them!]

and that is my lovely heart neckalce [ my grandma gave it to my sister for her first communion[weird word dictionary said it!] like 6-7 years ago] i call it mine because nobody was wearing it for like 5 years and this year i found it in jewlery box and i loved it and my sister don't like it so no problem ;D

guess thats it for today, tomorrow i m gonna post photos from my little bike trip :)