memories from Bulgaria [part 1]


I'm back again :). Yesterday I came back to Poland and that's was so sad, I hate saying goodbye! I have lots lots lots of photos so:
that's was our first room, because we need to go to other because two girls came later so we stayed there just for first night[ no sleep for first 3 days ]

we had amazing shows in our hotel! i totally loved it! there were so much funny games and this stuff AMAZING.

that was our second night, as u can see that's a little bulgarian set:)

blond one is Magda and brunette it Claudia. They were sucha cool girls! They helped me a lot when Julka didn't even wanted talk to me 'cause she found someone cooler.

that supposed to be playboy sesion but it was so funny and i couldn't stop laught! I am wearing very little black dress, when I was walking in hotel or city all guys looked at me and I felt really confidence[ c'mon i won't dress like this in Bialystok or Poland but c'mon it's Bulgaria! Holidays!]

again; amazing drink called white russian. And away u can see our fav barman[bargirl?:P] whi gaved us free shots they were really strong shots;d

haha funny don't you think? that's was Magdas' and Claudia had blue with "FUCK OFF"

McDonald on beach [ I was really hungry]

breezers! i love Bulgaria 'cause when u buy cigarttes/alcohol they never ever ask you for your age NEVER.
that's my close friend[ i met her in bulgaria, i mean i was with her in group] she's Zuza [ Susy] and she's 17. she's very cool when i talked with her i felt like i knew her all my life.

that's end on first part i have 500 photos so i don't want to put like 50 photos in one note:)

so i'll write to you very very soon!

bye bye:*

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La Couturier said...

I loved all your photos!

La C.

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