Coffee Post

Hi there! I have winter holiday now and I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my fav. cold coffees [I don't like hot coffee but I love cold ones]. So I took some pictures, sorry about phone quality.
[sorry I've already started to drink it ! It was much prettier at start !]

Anyway, I bought some cute things on sales, but I'll post it another time 'cause I haven't took pictures yet. And, firstable I wasn't sure about new Rihanna's album but now I'm in love with this 3 songs:

Rihanna feat. Will.I.Am - Photographs

Rihanna - Hard

Rihanna - Rude Boy


Something borrowed, something blue. Every me and every you.

Hiii there! What's up? Now I don't have to study so much, but anyway school is school. But I have more time to go out. Photo was taken few hours ago in shopping center by my friend [sorry about phone quality but I don't take my camera everywhere I go since I've got my new PHONE-still obsessed with it!].

I want summer and spring SO BAD! And that's why I post you my fav. sunglasses. First are from H&M and second one I bought in Aldo. They might be little dirty sorry about that! 'Coz I think wearing sunglasses in winter looks funny, so I can't wait till spring!!! :(

I have just a small question for you, 'cause I don't want you to get bored while reading my blog, so maybe what would U like me to post here? What would you like to read or what kind of photos U'd like to see, anything!

Placebo - Every you Every me

David Guetta - Missing You

Come come baby come be my toyfriend let me play with you.

Hiiiii there. I know this is kind a werid photo, but it's the best from the worst... We have SO BEAUTIFUL days now in BiaƂystok. It's soooo sunny! I love sun! It's very cold but when I wake up sun is shinning and snow looks quite pretty now for me. And 'coz of this pretty weather I wanna look pretty so I try to dress cute and make up and this stuff. Can't wait till spring!


David Guetta - Toyfriend

David Guetta - Choose


Boy why you're so obssesed with me?

Hottest buys of January:My neeeew Mac blush and new phone! Yey! I couldn't stand the old one. So I am so happy about it. Is the first day I have it but I am obssesed with it!
And beautiful MAC blush in colour Peachykeen, bought it when I was in Warsaw.
[my another stupid photo :D]
Only 2 weeks, and I have winter holidays, so happy about them!

Everything's don't seem like they used to be between you and me.

Hi there! I had a 3 days free from school so it was much fun. Photo took in my friends room ITS SO PINK!!! Still waiting for photos from New Year I should get them in like two days. Sorry guys that I don't have now time to write long posts or send lots of pictures but I don't want you to get bored :D


I left my head any my heart on the dancefloor.

Hello there everyone.
Happy New Year! sorry I have just a small part of all photos, when I'll get them all I will post it.