Something borrowed, something blue. Every me and every you.

Hiii there! What's up? Now I don't have to study so much, but anyway school is school. But I have more time to go out. Photo was taken few hours ago in shopping center by my friend [sorry about phone quality but I don't take my camera everywhere I go since I've got my new PHONE-still obsessed with it!].

I want summer and spring SO BAD! And that's why I post you my fav. sunglasses. First are from H&M and second one I bought in Aldo. They might be little dirty sorry about that! 'Coz I think wearing sunglasses in winter looks funny, so I can't wait till spring!!! :(

I have just a small question for you, 'cause I don't want you to get bored while reading my blog, so maybe what would U like me to post here? What would you like to read or what kind of photos U'd like to see, anything!

Placebo - Every you Every me

David Guetta - Missing You

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TeenageDirtbag said...

co chciałabym zobaczyć? może jakaś specjalnie zorganizowaną sesyjkę? :D. np.. na snakach? ja sama chciałam taką zrobić, ale nikt nie chce ze mną isć bo twierdzą, że jest za zimno! ;/.

Anonymous said...

cute sunglasses :)


zieluka, said...

okulary świetne ^^

Alice. said...

You should definalty watch more episodes of friends! I like your phone :)

Style Bird said...

Love this photo of you..great glasses!

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