I'm not gonna teach him how to dance with you.

Photos from today. Ten minutes later it started to snow SO HARDLY. What's up guys? I gotta to study, but I'm bit lazy. And it's bit late to do this. There is nothing, absolutly nothing interesting in my life now.


No es amor, lo que tu sientes se llama obsession.

Stupid face, stupid face.
Photo took last week, when I had like Christimas in school. I want summer RIGHT NOW! That why I am listening to this so oooooooold song I guess from 2004? And it's Aventura-Obsesion. I remember when it was sooo popular when I was kid! Yea, in '04 I was kid.
So, anyway.
I love white nails lastly.
I went shopping today and I was looking for peep toes in bight pink or beige. COULDN'T FIND ANY NICE SHOES IN ALL CITY!!! Are they crazy?!
Thanks for all your comments and followers :***
Every year is better for me, and for you? I can't wait till New Years Eve but I don't know what should I wear?!


Te same dni, te same sny.

Obssesed with those nails. I learned it from youtube. I wanna try a zebra and all this crazy things!
Anyway, tomorrow I have the last day of school
In next post I'll send you outfits that I could wear for New Year's Eve but I don't know what to wear.

Sorry that's it for today, I need to learn.


Now that don't kill me can only make me stronger .

So, it is sooooooo cold outside ! I had to put on side my coat and wear warm jacket. And it's so so snowy that I can't see where I am going !

I absolutley love this blouse. I don't realy like sequins but these are soo pretty. BUT ONE THING : I DON'T KNOW WHERE I CAN WEAR IT... I bought it in June and put it on just one time! I have to fix it.


Sorry, homework still waiting...


Open your minds and eyes.

Found this top in Wzorcownia [they sell there TopShop, Oasis, Atmosphere all this stuff that in Białystok you can't buy in normal shop] and it's Oasis top. I love it. And it was for like 20zł? Very cheap, but SO PRETTY.

I have those no-make-up days now. I don't have time to do make-up in the morning, and when I came back I'm just to lazy. So I am 100% natural! BUT : I LOVE MAKE UP. I'm just sometimes to tied to do it.
And : YES THEY CAN'T GIVE US HOMEWORK ON HOLIDAYS? Pff. In frist week of January I have 6? 8? tests. God, I don't know how I will do this all...
Now, I'll play FarmVille [ ha ha :D] and I go to Maths classes. I AM SO STUPID WHEN IT COMES TO MATHS.


Wouldn't you like to have me to yourself?

Curetly obssesed with:I never used facebook specially, but when all my friends started to play FarmVille i tried too. IT IS SO COOL GAME! I like planting, buying cows and all this stuff. Lots lots of gifts every day too. I like Diva Life too but it's bit harder than FarmVille for me 'cause I never know how to spend my money in right way...

N-Dubz - Wouldn't You

N-Dubz - I Need You

CAN'T STOP LISTENING THIS THREE SONGS ! Guess after 3 days non stop listening to those I'll hate them but who cares :D

No photos today, I didn't have time I've got lots of homework and all this stuff. Can't waint for Christmas.

My breath is your breath.

Lots of snow. When I woke up today and look out of window I thought I'll die. I like snow pretty much, but no when I have to walk for school. So it's very cold, not as white as in the morning, winter started. We had a little bit of snow in October, but I was happy that it came off fast. Anyway, who cares about snow? 8)

When I'll end this post, I'll have to study. Today I have history, maps od XVI centaury Poland. We were pretty big country! I have another C from Maths and I have to fix it. Don't even ask about biology and chemisty and physic. I ABSOLUTLY HATE THEM.

Zara dress. I bought when I was visiting my grandma near Katowice. I have a neckles for it but I don't wear it in photo. I don't know why but I love wearing dresses and skirts in winter and I love jeans in summer. Weird.

Justin Bieber-One time

I don't specially enjoy singing kids [specialy boys with those girly voices] but song is nice.


-Maybelline colossal volum express-
One of my favourite mascaras I ever had. Only one thing I don't like in this that it look kinda cheap and like big yellow pen.

- Sephora Foundation Compact-
Good cover, not very expensive and it doesn't make anything bad with my skin like Rimmel powders did. I've got colour 'Sand 30'? Something like this.

-Sephora Colorful palette-
I have different colours I have palette number 14 but couldn't find picute of it! Sorry I guess I'll post it in different post, but I will, promise. I fall in love with those colours I have. I have the same beige as on this photo and I use it every day since I bought it. Since summer I buy almost all cosmetics in Sephora, I don't know why. But they are very good, not very cheap but I don't go there everyday, so prices are okay.

Only one thing that I don't like about sephora are their nail polishes. They have very pretty colours so I buy it, but they stay on my nails for not even 2 days. I prefer INGLOT nailpolishes.



And no matter what you'll never take that from me.

Hi there, yesterday I bought a new jacket in Bershka. I miss a lot summer and spring outfits. In Poland now is SO COLD ! I can't stand cold. I love warm and sun. Yea, it's nearly 3 o'clock and already dark. I hate winter. And while I'm getting older I don't wait for Christmas. Aout New Year's Eve, I don't have still any plans. And it left only 3 weeks. Anyway, 5 days left and we have 2 weeks of holidays.

Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
I love the most first 20 seconds, while they're talking. Absolutley amazing video and song!


What's wrong honey?

School makes me feel sick every Friday. I actually don't have time on anything. Be happy that you don't go to polish school. Uhhh