Open your minds and eyes.

Found this top in Wzorcownia [they sell there TopShop, Oasis, Atmosphere all this stuff that in Białystok you can't buy in normal shop] and it's Oasis top. I love it. And it was for like 20zł? Very cheap, but SO PRETTY.

I have those no-make-up days now. I don't have time to do make-up in the morning, and when I came back I'm just to lazy. So I am 100% natural! BUT : I LOVE MAKE UP. I'm just sometimes to tied to do it.
And : YES THEY CAN'T GIVE US HOMEWORK ON HOLIDAYS? Pff. In frist week of January I have 6? 8? tests. God, I don't know how I will do this all...
Now, I'll play FarmVille [ ha ha :D] and I go to Maths classes. I AM SO STUPID WHEN IT COMES TO MATHS.


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madlens. said...

super jest ta bluzeczka. :)

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