Fav. things for now.

~matte skin~floral dresses~jewellery~blonde hair~skinny
jeans~healthy food~nude color~perfect eyebrows~cute
underwear~perfect nails~aviators~mint color~cold

See you soon!

I'm leaving for 2 weeks for my holidays my blog tomorrow is having birthday! :)
Thanks for all visits on my blog and I'll write to you as soon as possible



It's 5 AM tomorrow night I'll be back again.

I can't wait for summer holiday! I'm going to school only on Friday and that's it for next two months. And my blog has birthday! On 30 June It's getting better will have first birthday! :)
I'm going to Warsaw with my friend on Saturday and on 30.06 I'm going to Bulgaria again. I can't wait to go to Warsaw! And I'll have packing problem again just like last year! I haaate packing!I never was a huge fan of LV bags but I love their cases! I'd love to have one just like this on top!

I'll post you something more interesting in next few days.

Thanks for comments and for following my blog!


You can be a sweet dream.

I don't know how about you, but for me other people specially girls are so inspiring.


I wanted to do this post long time ago, but I haven't got so much time to describe all this girls! So here are blogs that I LOVE!

I found this blog while I was looking for something in common with c "wardrobe" in Google. And now I can't wait for new post! I know almost all of her outfits and places she was in! Plus, I'm really impressed that she's so strong, young mother! She has lovely little son and I'd love to have so stylish mom like her! haha :)

I can't remember when I found Annies' blog, but I check her every post now. She's so beautiful and so kind! Even she have got 373 followers she keeps on commenting and everything [thanks for every comment on my blog too! :*]. She's big inspiration for me, she's got such a great sense of style! And her make-up collection! Amazing! And I love her neck piercing too!
I hope you won't stop blogging 'cause you're one of my favourite! :)

Beautiful, blonde European woman. I love watching her videos she's huge inspiration for me too. Her photos are amazing, you should really check her posts and read her notes. For me they're so interesting. Someday I wanna have so great blog like her! Like all this girls which I'm writing about in this post :)

I guess it's first blog that is still existing that pushed me to make my own. She's not just inspiration in clothes, but I love her room and flat or house too! Only one problem was when she wasn't writing in English anything. Now she's making translation part whitch for me is only on opportunity to know what she's writing.

But first blog was fashionable-early.blogspot.com that was deleted by owner few motnhs ago. I found it 1,5 year ago and from then my blog-adventure started.
I really want to take my blog for another level, make it more pretty, still waiting for new camera for better photos. I still don't have idea how to show you somethings in right way. And I'm really thankfull for all girls that keep commeting and following my blog, it means lots for me! Sometimes I'm really disappointed about my blog but I don't know how to make it better.
Maybe there are something You'd like to see in my blog? Maybe I could change something?

your, A.

Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me

Junior Caldera ft Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Can't Fight This Feeling

She don't think straight.

love all of them

Bloc Party - Banquet

Cheap stuff

I never was a big fan of cheap cosmetics I don't know why but they always pushed me away from them. But I read and heared lots of great opinions about this nailpolishes. So I went to store and found them, I was hoping to find this beautiful blue-green colour but I couldn't find it so I bought this two colours. I decided to buy this blush and eyeshadows just to try them. I bought like sephora eyeshadows and it's wasn't this what I was looking for, I tried lots lots of different shadows but coudn't find right ones. And I wrote few posts ago that I couldn't find a pefect gold for my VS make-up. So when I saw this shadows I just bought them to try and I'm happy that I did it. I don't know still how blush will work out but for now this stuff is doing their work. When I'll use them in longer part of time I'll give you a opinion how it works after few weeks :)

And my make-up inspired by Gossip Girl [I KNOW A-G-A-I-N ;D] I think it looks very pretty and I'll do it more often :)

And thanks for all your sweet comments in last post they mean so much to me! :*

Leighton Meester - Somebody To Love



Hii ;*

Yesterday I went to the park with my friend to make some new photos. I don't like them as much as I loved last ones, they aren't so pretty or cute.

After all I had a fun with my friends camera in my house, when she was editing photos I was taking photos of random things in my house and me ^^

And my lates buy, a new sequin top from H&M [haha you can see different in quality of photos, but my camera isn't perfect :( ]


Hi! Please go to > this < post and maybe you could help me :(

I never was really into Kardashians sisters, I think they have pretty faces but nothing more. Untill I saw their collection for Bebe. I think that they did well job, I specially like this ones
> see all here < :

and what you think about new colours in blog? They are my fav. at this moment ^^



Hii! So few weeks or months ago I found amazing blog but I didn't saved address and I can't find it anywhere!! So this girl wrote in french, she was from France, she had funny big jewellery like big-gold L.A. sign and this bow in photo below and she had blond hair and photos in this style;

[she had almost the same hair like this girl!] And I remember she had H&M white leggins in violet-black sings :( please help me find her! :(((( and she had this kind of wardrobe;

heeelp me! :(

I don't know how to act, slow motion for me.

Since I remember I loved and still love Victoria's Secret Angels! These girl are amazing for me. I love their curly hair and sparkling, sexy make-up.

and some GOSSIP GIRL! For me the pretties girl is Blair and Gossip Girl photoshoot for Rolling Stones is one of my fav!

And I have a problem with my hair. My frindge doesn't want to grow!!! It's so annoying, I can't stand the way it looks. And I don't want to make it shorter... I hate my hair now. :(

Ke$ha ft. Three 6 Mafia - Slow Motion

Taio Cruz Ft. Ke$ha - Dirty Picture