I wanted to do this post long time ago, but I haven't got so much time to describe all this girls! So here are blogs that I LOVE!

I found this blog while I was looking for something in common with c "wardrobe" in Google. And now I can't wait for new post! I know almost all of her outfits and places she was in! Plus, I'm really impressed that she's so strong, young mother! She has lovely little son and I'd love to have so stylish mom like her! haha :)

I can't remember when I found Annies' blog, but I check her every post now. She's so beautiful and so kind! Even she have got 373 followers she keeps on commenting and everything [thanks for every comment on my blog too! :*]. She's big inspiration for me, she's got such a great sense of style! And her make-up collection! Amazing! And I love her neck piercing too!
I hope you won't stop blogging 'cause you're one of my favourite! :)

Beautiful, blonde European woman. I love watching her videos she's huge inspiration for me too. Her photos are amazing, you should really check her posts and read her notes. For me they're so interesting. Someday I wanna have so great blog like her! Like all this girls which I'm writing about in this post :)

I guess it's first blog that is still existing that pushed me to make my own. She's not just inspiration in clothes, but I love her room and flat or house too! Only one problem was when she wasn't writing in English anything. Now she's making translation part whitch for me is only on opportunity to know what she's writing.

But first blog was that was deleted by owner few motnhs ago. I found it 1,5 year ago and from then my blog-adventure started.
I really want to take my blog for another level, make it more pretty, still waiting for new camera for better photos. I still don't have idea how to show you somethings in right way. And I'm really thankfull for all girls that keep commeting and following my blog, it means lots for me! Sometimes I'm really disappointed about my blog but I don't know how to make it better.
Maybe there are something You'd like to see in my blog? Maybe I could change something?

your, A.

Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me

Junior Caldera ft Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Can't Fight This Feeling

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Camilla said...

sweet blog!


Kim Neill said...

Awesome post. I will be looking at all there blogs they do look awesome xxx

TeenageDirtbag said...

Mariannan byłą jedną z pierwszych zagranicznych bloggerek, które obserwowałam, straszna szkoda, że rzadko dodaje posty... :).
Chiara z Blonde Salad i jej jakże przystojny chłopak Richie też często pokazują się w mojej przeglądarce :).

a wisiorek, który słusznie zauważyłaś nosze w sumie od zawsze i jest taką częścią mnie już, wiec w sumie nigdy go do biżu nie liczę;).

zieluka, said...

Hello Nikki i mariannan to również jedne z blogów które uwielbiam oglądać i czytać co do 2 zaprezentowanej blogerki nie miałam okazji u niej być zaraz zobaczę co kryje jej strona.Co do THE BLONDE SALAD mam mieszane uczucia czasem ma naprawdę ciekawe zdjęcia i posty jednak jak dla mnie jest nie wiem jak to powiedzieć za bardzo przebarwiona,sama nie wiem ;D

Mademoiselle Chic blog said...

love mariannan blog also! :)


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