Cheap stuff

I never was a big fan of cheap cosmetics I don't know why but they always pushed me away from them. But I read and heared lots of great opinions about this nailpolishes. So I went to store and found them, I was hoping to find this beautiful blue-green colour but I couldn't find it so I bought this two colours. I decided to buy this blush and eyeshadows just to try them. I bought like sephora eyeshadows and it's wasn't this what I was looking for, I tried lots lots of different shadows but coudn't find right ones. And I wrote few posts ago that I couldn't find a pefect gold for my VS make-up. So when I saw this shadows I just bought them to try and I'm happy that I did it. I don't know still how blush will work out but for now this stuff is doing their work. When I'll use them in longer part of time I'll give you a opinion how it works after few weeks :)

And my make-up inspired by Gossip Girl [I KNOW A-G-A-I-N ;D] I think it looks very pretty and I'll do it more often :)

And thanks for all your sweet comments in last post they mean so much to me! :*

Leighton Meester - Somebody To Love


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love the nail color !

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