Hii ;*

Yesterday I went to the park with my friend to make some new photos. I don't like them as much as I loved last ones, they aren't so pretty or cute.

After all I had a fun with my friends camera in my house, when she was editing photos I was taking photos of random things in my house and me ^^

And my lates buy, a new sequin top from H&M [haha you can see different in quality of photos, but my camera isn't perfect :( ]

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Annieo said...

Awww you're the sweetest, of course you can use my photos (: and i don't know why you don't think these photos are pretty or cute, i think they're beautifullllll! especially against those white flowers, you are FLAWLESSSSSS, lucky girl! hahaha

Xochiltyay said...

I agree with her! :)
You're so prettyyyy

Susie said...

Talk about natural beauty! <3 You look absolutely gorgeous! & I love your hair. I wish I knew how to braid mine like that! Hahha :(

Anonymous said...

love your pics! my fav. is the first one and the ones with you in between the flowers .. super cute!


Phuong said...

lovely pics and photos!

zieluka, said...

bardzo fajnie,zdjęcia ślicznie i fryz ^^

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