she don't wanna man, she just wants to dance

hi there everybody! It's last week of my summer holidays and I feel really really sad about it. I spend rest of it in city, but I had a good time to. But next time I will spend hope almost whole of it somewhere in the world! I don't have many photos, 'cause my sister took my camera.

I'm here with my little "friend". My friend had photo with her and I wanted too. She borrow me a bike ;) cute gir

AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME picutes of Barbie! Absolutly love it.

In my friend's house like two days ago, when we sat in the kitchen drinking cin cin, smoking and talking. <3


Was it worth it?

Sometimes I think it was, sometimes I try to forget about it.

you are still in my mind.

" And I’m alone with the present tense
Making plans is over rated to me
And I don’t speak in guarantees
Or at least not the kind that you need

I’m not your anchor so don’t hold on
I’m not the answer you got me wrong
I’m not your savior, save your energy
To find out who you are, yeah who you are without me "

Kate Voegele- Who you are without me

I'll wait here forever just to, to see you smile

hi there.

did you ever ever thought that some things would exist only in your dreams? yes, i had and i still have something like this. but you know, it's not worth it to make your own plan, 'cause it'll show but in way you never thought. never.

i think i need to make fresh start, while everytime i go to school to begin something new. this year will be best year in my school. and it won't ever get worst. When 1 september starts, everything is new. this time will be like this too. I know i have month till this day, but today i have calm in my heart. hope it stay. forever.