About me!

Hello! My blog has 9 months already so I thought it'll be fun to tell you somethings about me that U didn't knew yet ^^
So my name is Agnieszka and I live in Poland, in Białystok. I don't enjoy living in my city, but I don't have choice 'till 18. I'm 15 and I hate my age too 'cause I don't look like 15-years old girl and I don't act like one. And that scares me sometimes ^^ I don't mind going to school, but I hate homeworks and stress! I can't breath while I'm stressed! I love all this fashion, make-up, magazines stuff. I wish I could work on runway backstage or in somekind of fashion magazines. I'd love to live in New York and I will try to make it real as fast as is possible[ I hope there will be chanse to move there].

5 things about me;
1. I hate washing up, I can't stand this!
2. I look different every year.
3. I love traveling, I'd love to see all this beautiful and crazy places all over the world!
4. I love watching things like Gossip Girl or 90210 and I love to watch way they are dressed or what kind of make up they have, their hair. For me is best ispiration! I HATE HANNAH MONTANA!
5. I'd love to have a apartment in New York City and I'd love to live there! I think it's my biggest dream.

5 thing I LOVE;
1. Meeting new people and my friends[and family ofc.]
2. Traveling.
3. Photos.
4. Colourful drinks
5. Runway backstage stuff.

5 thing I HATE;
1. People who want to have and do everything just like you.
2. Saying goodbye.
3. I hate living in Białystok.
4. Dirty hair.
5. Hear gossip about me.

3 places I'd love to be now;
1. New York City.
2. Paris.
3. Berlin.

3 things I'd love to have:
1. Ipod.
2. Chanel 2.55 bag.
3. High heels in nude colour.



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TeenageDirtbag said...

haha, "2007-20010"... a te 18 000 lat to gdzie zgubiłaś? :D.

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