new school year

hi. My school jus started, today is like third day of it [ it started on 1st september]. it's thirday and i already feel so so so tied! I had 7 lessons today, and when i came back home i felt realy bad. And i have to get up like 7.a.m. what's middle of night for me after holidays! I wanna them back! NOW!

last days of my holidays
me on our first day in school, offical start of new school year. I look very very tied 'cause i got up at 7.a.m. and all my holidays[2 months] i waked up at 1.p.m. so that was schock for me!

school realy makes me feel tied and wasted. i can't stand lessons! i think about anything, but not about subject. I wanna HOLIDAYS BACK!!!

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