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Hello :)
Today I'll post you some of my fav. bags and perfumes that are one of the best I ever had so I wanted to show you them and maybe you'll try it too :DThese are from Mac. I don't know actually how they are called but Pinkaura I guess ;D I love the smell and it stays for soooo long! I bought them in Warsaw. They had I think 5 kinds of smell but I'm not sure. The only one defect is that they're only 20 ML and for that small bottle they were pretty expensive.
I bought this bag in Warsaw too. THEY ARE SO POPULAR THERE! I THINK I SAW LIKE 1000 GIRLS WITH IT! I take it usually when I have lots of heavy stuff or on beach this things. It doesn't have any zip or anything so if I'd take it to school my all books would be wet! :> It was very cheap 'cause only 15zł I don't know if it's their regular price, but I guess it is.
Found this bag on sale in Stradivarious. It's clutch but you've got a chain for it so you can wear it for 2 ways. And my ABSOLUTLEY FAVOURITE bag from Zara. By the way, Zara has got always beautiful bags, specially small ones! I bought in on holiday. I bought it I guess after month or few weeks I first saw it 'cause I didn't have money at moment when I first saw it. But when I came back home it was on my mind for so long that when I got money I bought it and were so happy :>

Sorry that I don't post you any outfits photos but when I try to take them they don't look like I'd like too, so I won't post it here untill I'll find way to make them look good ;D


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Anonymous said...

I love the bow bag .. cute!

~ http://hellomisschic.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Your bag is fantastic!

TeenageDirtbag said...

owszem, zawsze jest za 15 zł ;). Adidasa torba oczywiście, hehe mnie się bardzo podobają wersje kolorystyczne.. ale jak sama napisałaś mają ją tłumy! dlatego też sama jej nie kupiłam... może latem :).

Lov. said...

oksy na allegro znalazlam ^^
śliczne te torebki < 3


druga torbe bym Ci chetnie skradla :)

ann_stel said...

love your bags! great blog <3


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